Prophecy Concerning the China Oil Market

Date: September 2, 2015
Time: 6:56AM

Prophesy:“China is going to be one of the biggest oil producing countries in the world. I see plants, machinery. They are building and working out oil mines. It would be auspicious to invest in China's oil market. It will be and become a strong market in the future. The feel they have lost some ground in the manufacturing industry and therefore have changed their plans to build their country to make it stronger. Not Putan, but Russia's new leader will invest heavily for himself and their country. He will to own some of the oil rigs. He will be a very wealthy man.”

Behold Reuter's, an international multimedia news agency, released an article on September 2, concerning China's efforts to move forward in the oil industry. According to Reuter's, China is making their way for new crude benchmarks that could be launched as early as October. China is the second biggest consumers of oil and is now embarking upon new heights in the oil market by becoming a producer of oil and not just a consumer as they have been. China's plans to expand and launch crude initiatives to produce oil for themselves, instead of purchasing it has shaken the oil markets, causing prices for many countries and people who privately own oil to drop drastically.

Reference Reuters. China oil market reform paves way for new crude benchmark. Retrieved from

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