Sabrina Evans

President and Founder

Prophet; Prophetic Writer; Author; Certified Subconscious Reconditioning Life Coach; Artist; and Mother
Sabrina Evans, a highly, spiritual Anointed and gifted woman of God, is the founder and president of Red Rose Ministry, LLC.  In her tender years, Sabrina gave her life to God and was filled with passion to help others.  With out being taught or told, Sabrina (on her own) would often sit alone and meditate as she was drawn toward God, experiencing many outer body experiences.  From such a young age, Sabrina’s cry and desire was for God to use her as a vessel to help others. It was some years later (when she became an adult) that Sabrina was called into ministry and began to hear the Audible Voice of God.

Having undergone intensive, spiritual training with leadership and guidance of the Holy Spirit, Sabrina operates in the prophetic realm under the mantel of healing and deliverance. Since then, Sabrina has experienced many visitations from the Lord Jesus and has been taken to visit Heaven. As a prophet, Sabrina’s gifted with specific details and visual sight of matters, in spirit, very often concerning conditions of the world and individuals as sometimes she is taken into places in the spirit realm or given sight into people’s bodies.

As a survivor of many years of emotional and verbal abuse, and sexual abuse as a child, Sabrina understands what being held in bondage means and how repetitive degrading remarks, and name calling can break down the soul of a person. For nearly forty years, Sabrina suffered at the hand of the enemy, but all for the glory of God and Jesus. She experienced many spiritual attacks and witchcraft, more than most, even a near death experience in the early part of 2015; but, God raised His hand against the enemy, giving her new life on April 27th. Today, Sabrina’s life is a witness to the Power of God, the Blood Covering of Christ, and the work of the Holy Spirit. There is no question that Sabrina and this ministry is the work of God’s Ultimate Will and His sovereign interplay in her life.

Sabrina is the author of The New Covenant for KidsMemoirs with the Holy Spirit, co-author of Words from the Low Place, (short story about her life and her experience with emotional and verbal abuse) and Love First to Forgive, an American epic story of an Atlanta, Georgia family's struggle to bring a wayward, young woman with an ill-willed heart on a quest to win, no matter the cost, to Christ.  A story of personal gain versus tragedy and the power of God's love to redeem and restore.  Released November 10, 2014 on Amazon (kindle and print)   View video trailer on You Tube.

Member of Dr. Dorothy I. Height's National Council of Negro Women (NCNW) 

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