Peter Smith Onoriobe

Ministry Partner

Prophet and Father

Peter, a gifted and highly spiritual man of God, is the Chairman and Founder of Peter’s Mission for the Less Privileged, a non-profit organization. As a child, Peter began to operate and flow in the prophetic realm having many dreams and hearing the Audible Voice of God. As he grew older, he became more acquainted with the spiritual matters of God, flowing in the prophetic, seeing and hearing many things about people’s lives with accuracy. His desire to help others grew greatly, particularly orphans and widows.

Peter’s vision is to fulfill the Great Commission through partnership with indigenous churches as he disciples, baptizes, and helps restore the lives of orphans and widows in Christ. His priority is to rescue abandoned children and widows by providing food items and clothing, and a sense of hope, love and purpose through Christ.

Throughout the Bible, God’s shows a tender heart towards widows and orphans who are often the world’s most vulnerable groups; ostracized and abandoned; deeply traumatized by disaster; violence; and disease. In his efforts to reach out to these children and widows, Peter has put together teams of people, dedicated to the cause, that have ventured boldly into war zones, jungles, slums, and refugee camps to rescue orphans and to give hope to desperate widows, many of whom have been left by their families and communities. Throughout his outreach initiatives, Peter’s desire is give them a sense of hope and purpose in the loving atmosphere of a Church Orphan Home.

Peter operates in the gift of healing and deliverance with signs and wonders that follow.

Peter has a degree in theology.

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